Welcome from the Tri-state wind symphony!


2017 Season

Membership: Open to anyone who can play the music selected-- advanced middle school, high school and older. It is expected that you will attend rehearsals before each concert, practice at home, and be familiar with your part. There are no membership dues. We spend money on music, percussion instruments, conductors' salaries, printing programs, and sound equipment. We raise these funds by passing the hat at concerts, writing grants, and asking businesses for sponsorships. Each member must fill out a TSWS information sheet.

Rehearsals: Please arrive by 6:45 p.m. 7:00 to 9:00 p.m., the Masonic Temple at 1155 Locust Street (corner of 12th and Locust Streets) every Tuesday evening during the season. Enter the Masonic Temple on the 12th Street side.The Ballroom is downstairs.

  • Chairs are not assigned; figure it out within your section
  • Sections are assigned to set up at 6:15 p.m. before rehearsals. Please see the schedule below . This is not optional; if you cannot attend when your section is doing setup, you will need to find a friend to take your place. Please help put your chairs and stands away after rehearsal on the chair and stand racks. If you sit on a chair, put away a chair. If you use a stand, put away a stand.
  • Never take music home unless you are sure you will be at the next rehearsal. If you find you can’t attend rehearsal and you have music, you must make arrangements to return your folder; take it to the rehearsal site, call a section member, something.
  • Library volunteers pull old music and replace it with new for each concert. Extra help is always appreciated. They will sort music on the Monday after each concert. They put as many parts in the folders as available. If you are short copies, please tell a librarian before rehearsal break, or you will have to make your own extra copies.
  • Concerts: 7:30 p.m. at the Eagle Point Park Band Shell. Be there by 6:30 p.m. (unless the conductor tells us differently).  If you are on setup, you need to be there by 6:15 p.m. Please check the schedule below to see when your section is scheduled.
  • Attire: TSWS short sleeve blue denim shirts with logo. These are orderable at the first couple of rehearsals only. Please order before June 1 only. If you do not have a shirt, please wear something that looks like a light blue denim shirt. Wear khaki (light tan) pants or shorts. We look better when we wear the same thing, so if you can, please buy a shirt.
  • Never take your music folder home after a concert as the old pieces need to be pulled and filed and the new music put in. It is a major pain if you bring your folder in later.
  • Percussion equipment and music must be hauled to Eagle Point for concerts. Extras will be needed for the first and last concerts. The stage must be set up and taken down for each concert, and each member is expected to put their own chair and stand away. The stands must be stacked two high at the band shell or the Park Department cannot reach the band shell light switch.
  • The park attendant has a list of concert players so you can get into Eagle Point without paying the park fee. If you haven’t filled out a TSWS info sheet, you will not be on the list.
  • Check out our Web site at tsws.org and the Dubuque radio stations if in doubt about whether the concert will be at the park or the alternative rain site. If at the rain site, extra help is needed before and after a concert to set up the performance area.

Rehearsal and Concert Setup
Concert 1 - CLARINETS
May 23 (T-rehearsal)
May 30 (T-rehearsal)
June 1 (TH-concert)

June 6 (T-rehearsal)
June 13 (T-rehearsal)
June 15 (TH-concert)
June 20 (T-rehearsal)
June 27 (T-rehearsal)
June 29 (TH-concert)

Concert 4 - LOW BRASS
July 11 (T-rehearsal)
July 18 (T-rehearsal)
July 20 (TH-conc

Concert 5 - SAXOPHONES
July 25 (T-rehearsal)
July 27 (TH-concert)

TSWS Board 2017

  • President - Sally Stulken, 563-556-3125, sstulken@aol.com
  • Vice President -
  • Treasurer - Julie Beck, 563-590-4481, julie.beck@ymail.com
  • Secretary - June Siebert, 563-590-7443,
  • New Media - Karen Schloss, 563-543-5489, tsws.org@gmail.com
  • Librarian -
  • Grant Writer
  • Music Director - Brian Hughes, 563-599-7730, Maestroblh1@gmail.com